‘Legato/Staccato’– Cidneon Brescia Light festival

Afterlight is planning to make a triptych for the gate to the castle of Brescia. The main theme will be a collaboration between the festival main the for that year en the music by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi.

In the year 2017 they created the first part of this triptych. On which they explored the gate itself. From all angles and only used the colours of the city of Brescia. Blue and white.

Thousands of peoples saw this show before entering the gate to see the rest of the Brescia light festival.

The second piece of the triptych can be seen in 2018 and will be named ‘Legato/Staccato’
Where nature and architecture will be the main theme.

In the beginning there was only nature. Slowly and steady the architecture encloses and envelops all of it. But over time civilisations and structures will fall. After which nature will always find a way to reclaim it’s place.
Architecture moves staccato. Hard, efficient and in a predictable way. Nature moves legato, soft, organic and with grace.
This constant clash between these two characters form the main theme in our show on the entrance gate of the Castle of Brescia.

This year we combine our video-mapping with an impressive light show.


Date : 16 februari 2018

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