ASML:Lithographic World 2.0

A high tech company where light plays an enormous role, is chip manufacturer ASML in Veldhoven. The latest generation of chip-machines works with Extreme Ultra Violet Light (EUV) which has a wavelength of a mere 13.5 nanometres. This light source enables writing chip structures at the extremely high speed of only 17 nanometres. To get a clear understanding: one nanometre is one billionth of a metre. Thanks to this form of light technology computer chips become smaller, more energy efficient, more powerful and cheaper. Thus, this global market leader and pride of The Netherlands indirectly influences the lives of billions of people. In the world of writing with light, everything is so incredibly fascinating that many light artists can’t wait to translate this light technology into a light artwork. GLOW approached the Afterlight artists to collaborate with ASML in creating a light project which would be inspired by the light in the ASML EUV machines.

Music by Roy Bemelmans


Date : 5 november 2016

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