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‘Legato/Staccato’– Cidneon Brescia Light festival

‘Vivaldi’– Cidneon Brescia Light festival

ASML:Lithographic World 2.0

ASML: Lithographic World

Coolblue.nl: Samsung Galaxy S6


PhantasiaLand – Tiempo de Fuego


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About Us

Afterlight is an innovative Dutch design studio specializing in creating immersive visual experiences using a technique called Projection Mapping. We create unique spectacles that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

We combine years of experience in 3D and 2D motion graphic design with modern projection and light technology. Complemented by an excellent team of project managers, Afterlight turns every creative concept into a successful live performance.


Afterlight provides full projection mapping service and event service. We arrange all of the equipment and have the technical expertise to setup and deliver an amazing projection mapping show or event. We will create the animations, rent the equipment to you, set up the projectors, map the animation to the building and document it for sharing on social media.



Speelhuislaan 171
Breda, The Netherlands


+31 6 47 48 98 31

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